Month: May 2018

Chad Jokes, Dad Jokes, Drop the Mic & Dongles…Chad Jokes, Dad Jokes, Drop the Mic & Dongles…

Funnyman Chad Warren joins us at The Aristocrat and discusses just what would make him want to burn the bar down. (Not really.)   There’s Brett’s “Magic Girl Anime Rapping” Brett’a favorite cousin “Liz, the shitty cook” Monica’s day of texts among co-workers who are

Them’s Fightin’ Words!Them’s Fightin’ Words!

Utah vs Montana, Why we call it “TWO Beers In”, not “Three Beers and a Cocktail”, When a Texas resident is allowed to call themselves a Texan. Things get a little rowdy on this episode, Featuring – Donn, (The Other) Monica, and Andrew

Science, Religion & WhooWeeOoo!Science, Religion & WhooWeeOoo!

  Brett & Monica discuss   Perspectives of the solar eclipse, Bracing for Hurricane Harvey Monica’s interaction with a Good (but weird) Samaritan. Echo Hum Mom’s tolerance for interpretive dance A rousing game of Good Christian/ Bad Christian round out an hour’s worth of hijinks.

Conspiracies, Crack Whores and Making Kids Cry.Conspiracies, Crack Whores and Making Kids Cry.

Highlights include: Eric Debill gets all “novella” on us. Brett goes all “Alex Jones” on us over a Celis conspiracy. Brett & Monica share encounters with crackheads. Explicit taco descriptions Brett & Monica on how to make kids cry…like children really need an excuse. Monica

Slim and Attractive – WeightlessSlim and Attractive – Weightless

Brett, Bruce, and EK try to figure it all out, with a shoutout from Richard Epcar!

Episode 002 – Jesse Dangerously and Eddie Quotez!Episode 002 – Jesse Dangerously and Eddie Quotez!

My favorite rappers from Nova Scotia stopped in and made me play Kanye! What??

The Driving Episode in Three…Two…Go!The Driving Episode in Three…Two…Go!

Highlights include: Tips for trips going to and from Houston, unless you want to make a side trip to the Shiner Brewery to shake your fist in anger over some very bad beer. Monica is no longer the World’s Worst Grandmother and ventures into a