Month: September 2018

Space Cases and Flaming Tortilla Chips!Space Cases and Flaming Tortilla Chips!

Brett and Monica are joined by Doug and Craig Journey through fact & fiction about the Cassini Mission, the X Rocket, and we find that naysayers have been saying nay for a few, nay, many years! What caused tortilla chips to ignite – twice?  

The Shanty Magoo EpisodeThe Shanty Magoo Episode

With no one at the guest mics, Brett & Monica have no recourse but to discuss… An impertinent email Monica received from Ibrahem Magoo. We’re schooled as to WHY the lake, it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn

The Travels & Travails EpisodeThe Travels & Travails Episode

 Now with Extra Cheese! Brett, Monica & Andrew (with E.K. off mic) dig deep! Cultural appreciation of fine print on beer labels, Foreign children. Fromage, and Swiss cows, Confirming the myth that Carmelite nuns have delicious creamy centers. Listen in and enjoy responsibly!