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This one is People Centric – 416This one is People Centric – 416

14-Year-old Grabs Wheel of His School Bus After Driver Passes Out with Foot on the GasThousands Volunteer to Help Jane Austen Museum Solve Mystery of ‘Spidery’ Script in Brother’s BiographyMeet the Street Librarian Changing the Lives of Baltimore Youth and BeyondRetired Teacher ‘Jumps for Joy’

Let’s go with Earth Day – EP415Let’s go with Earth Day – EP415

 Did You Know Pluto Has a Heart? Scientists Solve Mystery as to Why What went right this week: the good news you should know about What went right this week: how to ‘slow’ time, plus more - Positive News More art, less trash: These 'reuse centers' promote upcycling

Mr Otter Returns- 414Mr Otter Returns- 414

San Marcos River reports first North American river otters in 70 years ‘Hello, Voyager!’ Celebrated Spacecraft Is Once Again Transmitting After Nasa Repair from 15 Billion Miles Away Millions of Birds Now Migrating Safely Through Darkened Texas Cities After Successful Lights Out Campaign Airport Keeps

You Can’t Build Old – 413You Can’t Build Old – 413

Stunned Couple Finds 14th-Century Medieval Gargoyle Hidden Behind Their ToiletPE Coach Pairs Unmotivated Students to Run with Shelter Dogs–Adoptions SoarA Teacher Promised His 1978 Class an Eclipse Party in 50 Years–And He Just Hosted ItThe history behind Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin, TX - ATXtodayClosing

Earth Ocean Air and Sky – 412Earth Ocean Air and Sky – 412

The original recording spot at The Hideaway on Lee St. in Lafayette, La. Millions of Wildflowers Now Delight the Town After Vermont Couple Got Tired of Mowing the Lawn All Day Three Castaways Stranded on Island Rescued After Spelling Out ‘HELP’ Using Leaves EPA Limits

Sanctuaries and Puppy Dog Tails – 411Sanctuaries and Puppy Dog Tails – 411

Liverpool is Building the World’s Largest Tidal Power PlantOregon Outback Named World’s Largest Dark Sky Sanctuary – a Stargazer’s ParadiseBroadcasting Audio of Healthy Reef Sounds Can Spur Degraded Coral to New LifeUS Bookstores Coming Back as Barnes & Noble Celebrates Banner Year While Indie Shops

Around the World and OuterSpace – 410Around the World and OuterSpace – 410

The city where ‘the future has already arrived’ - Positive News A California Superbloom Is Springing to Life and the Best is Yet to Come Mom Runs Wholesome Hair Workshops for Dads to Learn How to Style Daughters’ Hair (Watch) Images of Mars Eclipse Sparks

Spicy Bill got a Ride – 409Spicy Bill got a Ride – 409

Wasabi Can Be Used as Ecofriendly Preservation Tool for the Ancient Knowledge Contained on Papyrus ( 2,000-Year-old Scroll Burnt in Pompeii Decoded and Read for First Time by Three Genius Students ( For Years Bill Walked 6 Miles to Work Until She Gave Him a

Nonas and other animals – 408Nonas and other animals – 408

Run by Grandmothers, a Staten Island Restaurant Highlights Home Cooking from Around the World All hands to the pumps: the colourful rise of community-owned pubs - Positive News Crew 8’s “family dog” plush is Space X’s latest zero gravity indicator.  American Marten May Be Set

Homeless Pandas Get Earthen Shelter – 407Homeless Pandas Get Earthen Shelter – 407

The four-day work week is here to stay at UK companies that tried it | CNN BusinessChina is Once Again Sending Pandas to the US—Delighting the San Diego and DC Zoos ( County Transcends its Rehousing Goals With 65% Drop in Homelessness ( New Mud

Really aint gonna waste no mo…. – 406Really aint gonna waste no mo…. – 406

Silo, a zero waste restaurant. Also More information about the restaurant in LondonWhen a Preschool Was Opened Inside a Dementia Care Home, All Heaven Broke LoosePaul McCartney ‘Gets Back!’ His Hofner Bass Guitar 50 Years After Theft from the Back of Their VanArtist Redesigns Strangers'

Mascots and Ash Wednesday – 405Mascots and Ash Wednesday – 405

Strangers step up to finish craft projects that loved ones leave behind. Conservation Finn: The Wonder Dog that Traveled to Chile and Saved the Humboldt Penguins A door at a Swedish library was accidentally left open — 446 people came in, borrowed 245 books. Every

This Stowaway has Crabs! – 404This Stowaway has Crabs! – 404

Whimsical Street Art Catches Everyone Off Guard and Delights Downtown Boston at 16 LocationsUS Coast Guard Inspectors Rescue Stowaway Dog from Shipping ContainerSocial Media Goes Crazy for Customer Who Went Above and Beyond to Mail $20 TipSea Otters Returned to a Degraded Coastline Ate Enough

Many to none But in a good way! – 403Many to none But in a good way! – 403 of Strange 12-Sided Objects from Roman Times Have Been Found—No One Knows What They're For ( Palo Alto goes from U.S. 'murder capital' to zero homicides - Los Angeles Times ( Thrift Store Shopper Joked She’d Found a Famous Artist’s Work for $4 –

Cicadas like Beards – 402Cicadas like Beards – 402 Closing song by Alvvays - “Archie, Marry Me”  

Rebooting after the beforetimes – 401Rebooting after the beforetimes – 401

We are back! Back at the Aristocrat, and now with more positive news!

Ushicon’s Character Creation and Recording ClassUshicon’s Character Creation and Recording Class

At the beginning of February, Bryson Baugus and I held a class over two days talking about how to break down characters and make strong choices, and then we gave a few people a chance at recording. This was done in one hour.I’ve edited that

Episode 003 – Monica BallardEpisode 003 – Monica Ballard

Monica and I have been creative partner for years! She writes, directs, performs and is outright excellent!She joined me and brought some music along!Go buy her book!01 - Am I Here Yet - Billie Myers - Vertigo02 - Bizness - Tune-Yards - WHOKILL03 - 99 Miles From L.A.