Category: Five for Five

A guest brings five songs Brett might not have heard of. Then, he finds a song that would go next! Then? They talk about whatever is interesting!

Episode 003 – Monica BallardEpisode 003 – Monica Ballard

Monica and I have been creative partner for years! She writes, directs, performs and is outright excellent!She joined me and brought some music along!Go buy her book!01 - Am I Here Yet - Billie Myers - Vertigo02 - Bizness - Tune-Yards - WHOKILL03 - 99 Miles From L.A.

Episode 001 – Jason ParisEpisode 001 – Jason Paris

Jason is a composer, performer, good dude, and silly person. He was in town visiting and is what made me decide to do this! You can catch his stuff below.

Episode 002 – Jesse Dangerously and Eddie Quotez!Episode 002 – Jesse Dangerously and Eddie Quotez!

My favorite rappers from Nova Scotia stopped in and made me play Kanye! What??