Ushicon’s Character Creation and Recording Class

At the beginning of February, Bryson Baugus and I held a class over two days talking about how to break down characters and make strong choices, and then we [...]

Penfold Theater’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” Radio Broadcast

Recorded at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Tx! You can visit this place by visiting [...]

Penfold Theater’s “A Christmas Carol”

After putting their signature spin on holiday stories from the golden age of film, the players of the fictional KPNF radio station are reaching further back in time to [...]

Mister Mythology: Pilot

Tune in, for the first episode, telling the exciting origin of Mister Mythology as he battles for the very fate of Earth and Humanity itself! Finding the “divine within” [...]

Dr Geist’s Cabinet of Curiosities: The Ivory Pen

Doctor Geist recounts the tale of an author who puts a lot of himself into his work. And even more of other people. You might say he’s got a [...]
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Why Branding is Important? (Part 4)

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