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We stay away from politics and pop culture.
Brett Weaver and Monica Ballard enjoy libations and talk about positive news stories.
Friends and patrons chime in with their stories too!
Because all the best conversations start 2 Beers in!

Going on the road…. to be a Wizard.Going on the road…. to be a Wizard.

We are finally going to record at one of our favorite places.Join us Thursday around 6:30 for 2 Beers In at the Fang and Feather over at the Wizards Academy in Driftwood, Tx (Over by the original Salt Lick BBQ)Here’s the address. 16221 Crystal Hills

Gonna do it again! Aristocrat Lounge – Burnet Rd.Gonna do it again! Aristocrat Lounge – Burnet Rd.

Monica and I will be there around 6. Only one episode but come on out! The Aristocrat Lounge6507 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

Back at the Legendary Aristocrat Lounge tonight!Back at the Legendary Aristocrat Lounge tonight!

We’ll be starting around 6:30. We have some fun stories to tell, and would also love to hear from you!

How about next week?How about next week?

Monica and I wont be at the Aristocrat this week, but we will be there a week from now, so join us! 6507 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 787576pm!

The Lean Alternate Machine and Somebody Is Mean EpisodeThe Lean Alternate Machine and Somebody Is Mean Episode

We went ahead and broke continuity to present these during the holidays! Brett and Monica are joined at The Brewtorium by Doug & Jessica. Jessica shares her dark suspicions about The Aristocrat Lounge and gives a blow by blow description of how someone at a

Holiday Visit to Hops and GrainsHoliday Visit to Hops and Grains

Tomorrow, December 18th at 6 pm, join us at Hops and Grains, ( In East Austin. Here’s the address. 507 Calles St, Ste 101, Austin, TX 78702.We had such a good time at the Brewtoreum last week, and we turned the technical difficulties into something funny.

Holiday Visit to the Brewtoreum.Holiday Visit to the Brewtoreum.

Hey all! Just a quick reminder that a new episode of 2 Beers In is up. I am also trying to hook up all my post centrally here so that it will go out everywhere else. I know this is short notice, but tonight at

The Getaway EpisodeThe Getaway Episode

Brett is about to leave for Japan, Monica returns from Seattle and every one of them has a story about nearby Enchanted Rock – even guest Andrew, whose encounter with bees is the stuff of horror films! Do enjoy the mayhem responsibly!

The Introverted Extroverts EpisodeThe Introverted Extroverts Episode

Enjoy your favorite libation as Brett & Monica recall Giving tours at the opening of a whiskey distillery where it was too hot to drink, Both learn their tolerance for socializing. Monica experiences irony during a gig at The Thinkery where you work for s’mores

The Tomorrow-land Episode…The Tomorrow-land Episode…

Brett and Monica are joined by podcast & Aristocrat regular Doug for Remembrances of our first exposure to wondrous inventions that are ordinary today. Stuff like sensor faucets, paper towel dispensers, clumping cat littler, HDTV – stuff like that! You won’t look at the commonplace

The Ne’er Do Well” Sister ShowThe Ne’er Do Well” Sister Show

Simone, Eric, Val, and James join Brett & Monica on an episode where Marriage proposals abound: Valerie – from a Korean taxi driver AND Brett. (She was torn, let me tell ya!) We’re strapped trying to NOT talk about the weather because Val hates that,

The Marching Band EpisodeThe Marching Band Episode

Welcome to Season Two! We’ve Now Officially Run Longer Than “Firefly!” (Suck it, JJ Abrams!)Eric “DeKill” (who is off mic) and Valerie (who is ALSO off mic a lot) join Brett, Monica and Andrew joins the discussion. Marching band antics and routines. High school memories

Space Cases and Flaming Tortilla Chips!Space Cases and Flaming Tortilla Chips!

Brett and Monica are joined by Doug and Craig Journey through fact & fiction about the Cassini Mission, the X Rocket, and we find that naysayers have been saying nay for a few, nay, many years! What caused tortilla chips to ignite – twice?  

The Shanty Magoo EpisodeThe Shanty Magoo Episode

With no one at the guest mics, Brett & Monica have no recourse but to discuss… An impertinent email Monica received from Ibrahem Magoo. We’re schooled as to WHY the lake, it is said, never gives up her dead when the skies of November turn

The Travels & Travails EpisodeThe Travels & Travails Episode

 Now with Extra Cheese! Brett, Monica & Andrew (with E.K. off mic) dig deep! Cultural appreciation of fine print on beer labels, Foreign children. Fromage, and Swiss cows, Confirming the myth that Carmelite nuns have delicious creamy centers. Listen in and enjoy responsibly!

The Age, Body, Mind and … Sheep EpisodeThe Age, Body, Mind and … Sheep Episode

Brett & Monica welcome Chad, Phoebe & Andrew The secret to Chad’s diet, Pickle juice slushies Getting older – which is ironic since Andrew looks like a 9 year-old wearing a beard in an Amish play. Andrew did have a brief acting career but it

The Generalization EpisodeThe Generalization Episode

Chad and Phoebe join Brett and Monica as we lump things all together. Every Gilbert & Sullivan operetta plot ever. Brett’s habit of paraphrasing every script. How every young person talks. How the Nativity story would sound with accents! Phoebe tells a joke. Monica is

Kapow! It’s the Porn Episode!Kapow! It’s the Porn Episode!

Important life lessons, er, “explode” in this disquieting discussion of finding porn descriptions in America’s heartland… Found a condom? Don’t use it … God is real because “bananas”… Pierce Morgan, Purgatory, and the Spanish Inquisition – which no one expected! Not even guests Erik de

Look Out! It’s The Kung Fu Robot Episode!Look Out! It’s The Kung Fu Robot Episode!

The first half-hour foray with guests Doug and E.K. The topics swerve into loopy language with Brett’s anime film “Goro-Red Requiem” and the deciphering a text Monica received, talking about “Malan Mama.” Why did “cabin supplies” end up in quotation marks on a sign on

Lynda Carter Over AsparagusLynda Carter Over Asparagus

Brett and Monica describe movies they’re NOT in. A close encounter with a Wonder Woman lookalike. The story of Brett’s 1985 World’s Fair private performance for Styx’s Tommy Shaw. A visit from the Punctuation Police. The usual shenanigans on our last hour-long installment. Enjoy responsibly