The Marching Band Episode

Welcome to Season Two! We’ve Now Officially Run Longer Than “Firefly!” (Suck it, JJ Abrams!)
Eric “DeKill” (who is off mic) and Valerie (who is ALSO off mic a lot) join Brett, Monica and Andrew joins the discussion.

  • Marching band antics and routines. High school memories
  • includes being “in the pit”, what “7 to 5” means, and the very popular “Time and Temperature” crowd-pleaser!
  • Monica’s sister
  • Why we’ll have to start swearing more in the podcast.
  • Brett’s sister Simone and nephew (and fan of the show) James
  • Austin Regional Clinic thanks Monica for not being a patient anymore!
  • Gin in a bucket will work as a c-pap cleaner! 

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